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How to choose the right red light panel

When it comes to red light treatment, we have a wide range of products that improve both health and beauty.

 Let's explore our three similar red light panels - The Red Kangaroo, The Red Deer and The Red Panda - to help you find the one that best suits your needs. We will also compare our smaller panels, The Fox and The Robin.

The Red Kangaroo 

– Powerful Whole Body Therapy 

We'll start with the most glaring differences between these three panels. As the name reveals, The Red Kangaroo with its impressive 1.5 meter height and 38 cm width is the largest and offers an effective full body treatment. This panel reaches the entire body while sitting and most parts while standing or lying down. Its grand design also allows the light to be focused on the face when you are sitting comfortably in front of the panel. An ultimate solution for extensive red light treatment. 

The Red Deer and The Red Panda 

– Versatile Half Body Panels 

Slightly smaller in size, The Red Deer (92 cm high and 28 cm wide) and The Red Panda (90 cm high and 20.5 cm wide) offer powerful treatments for most of the body at a time. Although it does not cover as much of the body in one treatment session as The Red Kangaroo, they still deliver effective light for comprehensive therapy. 

Performance and Technical specifications 

In terms of performance, The Red Kangaroo peaks with a rare impressive power of 3000 W, while The Red Deer has 1500 W and The Red Panda 1000 W. The advantage of a higher wattage lies in its ability to deliver a more powerful treatment. Higher power can provide deeper penetration of the light, potentially providing deeper therapeutic results. The increased force can stimulate the tissue more deeply and more effectively. But having said that, all three panels have a perfectly good effect to give really good results of red light treatment. 

The number of LEDs also varies: The Red Kangaroo has 600, The Red Deer 300 and The Red Panda 200. The number of LEDs affects the total energy and intensity of the light treatment, which can affect the effectiveness and speed of the treatment. The treatment area covered by the panel becomes larger the more LEDs the panel has and can save time and make the treatment more practical and efficient. Furthermore, the intensity of the light treatment also depends on the number of LEDs, and more LEDs can give larger areas equal exposure to the light.

Use and Flexibility 

With its size and power, The Red Kangaroo can cut the treatment time in half compared to The Red Deer. About 8-10 minutes per day gives a perfectly good effect for The Red Kangaroo, while The Red Deer gives an equivalent effect after about 15 minutes and The Red Panda about 20 minutes for the desired red light therapy. All panels offer timer settings and can deliver both red light and near red light (NIR), either simultaneously or one wavelength at a time. If you feel that the intense red light is too strong to look at during the treatment, you can leave the near-infrared light active instead. This light is seemingly less intrusive to the eye, allowing one to continue tasks such as working or watching television at the same time. 

Design and Accessories 

All our panels have a Scandinavian minimalist design. The Red Kangaroo stands out with its size and fits both in the living room, the training studio or in the skin care clinic. The comparison between The Red Deer and The Red Panda shows that The Red Panda, with its sleek and compact design, fits very well in tight spaces and offers a discreet red light treatment. Its smaller size makes it easy to integrate into different home environments. On the other hand, The Red Deer is slightly larger and more powerful, making it ideal for users who prioritize treatment efficiency and don't have the same space constraints. The choice between the panels depends on the user's preferences for size and treatment efficiency.


When you buy our panels, a cable is included for flexible mounting either vertically or horizontally on the wall. For increased flexibility, you can also buy floor supports, which makes it easier to move them around as needed. With the ability to adjust the placement of the panels, you can create the optimal environment for your treatment when using our products. It also includes safety glasses of a simpler nature that can be used during the training sessions if desired for increased individual comfort. 

Selection of Red light product 

If you are looking for a quick and effective treatment, The Red Kangaroo is a powerful option. On the other hand, both The Red Deer and The Red Panda offer equal health benefits with their nearly equal comprehensive treatment of the body. Depending on your desired effect and available space, you can choose between these different red light panels to improve your health and well-being 

Smaller Red Light Panels for Targeted Treatment 

Our range of smaller red light products includes The Fox table panel measuring 30cm high by 20cm wide, as well as The Robin, a point processor measuring 15cm high by 9cm wide. With its optimal size, The Fox offers effective partial body treatment and enables targeted light treatment on different areas such as the face, legs, arms and stomach. On the other hand, The Robin, our spot treatment, is ideal for precision treatments on smaller areas such as elbows, knees and wrists."


The size of our device The Fox enables a high efficiency to direct the light to specific parts of the body, such as the face, stomach and feet, with an impressive wattage of 400W. The coverage offered by the LEDs makes it ideal for these areas. On the other hand, The Robin, with an output of 60W, is an excellent solution for the precision treatment of smaller areas. With 80 LEDs in The Fox and 12 in The Robin, our products offer optimal lighting for different needs and treatment areas. 


Both The Fox and The Robin offer unique benefits that suit different users' needs and preferences. With The Fox, you can get a comprehensive red light treatment for larger areas thanks to its adjustable stand that allows you to direct the light panel towards different parts of the body. In addition, it can be folded in and easily used directly on, for example, the stomach or back. On the other hand, The Robin offers flexible portability for specific spot treatments on smaller areas, with its portable design and rechargeable function. The recommendation for The Fox is about 15-20 minutes of daily treatment, while The Robin is recommended for 20 minutes of daily use. Both products can be applied directly to the body or used at a distance of approximately 10-15 cm from the treatment area. The choice between these two products may depend on the desired type of treatment, the need for portability as well as individual comfort and ease of use. 

Specification The Fox The Robin
Wavelengths 660 nm, 850 nm 660 nm, 850 nm 
LEDs 80 pcs 12 pcs
Effect 400W 60W
Weight 4 kg 1 kg 
Size (height, width, depth)  30cm x 20cm x 3 15cm x 9cm x 4cm
Accessories - USB-C charger

The choice is yours! 

The choice between The Fox and The Robin is an exciting opportunity to tailor your lighting treatment to your needs and wishes. With The Fox you get an impressively wide treatment surface and high power that covers the whole body for comprehensive results, while The Robin offers a smooth and concentrated treatment to target specific areas. Whichever you choose, both The Fox and The Robin guarantee a customized solution for your light treatment, so you can achieve the desired results according to your lifestyle and unique needs. 

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