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A response to Filterpodden

On the occasion of Filter's podcast Filterpodden, “102. Red light for red light therapy" which was released on April 19, 2024, we at Nutrilight wish to give a reply to what is covered in the episode.

Red light therapy for your beloved pet

Red light therapy is used by millions of people today to improve health, increase quality of life and alleviate illnesses. It can be described as a "dietary supplement" of sunlight, as it produces red light and near-infrared light, just like the sun.

Explore Light Therapy Products: Traditional Red vs. Nutrilight Blackline

Second, and just as significantly, the Blackline series has twice as many NIR diodes compared to conventional panels with both red and near-infrared light.

Red Light Therapy and Cravings: A Key to Managing Sweet Cravings

Feeling frustrated by the constant sugar cravings that are interfering with your health goals? It is comforting to know that there are new advances in medical research that point to potential solutions to deal with this problem.

Get Smoother Skin and Reduce Wrinkles Naturally with Red Light Therapy

Discover the secret behind red light therapy to reduce wrinkles and promote youthful skin naturally.

How to choose the right beauty product

Optimal Choice for Radiant Skin and Beauty: The Fox or The Lynx?

How to choose the right red light panel

When it comes to red light treatment, we have a wide range of products that improve both health and beauty.

Red light therapy during the summer

Many who use red light therapy do so for general health, and to provide the body with the light it needs to function normally.

Red light therapy and pain

Pain can be caused by many things, and inflammation is usually a component. Therefore, it goes without saying that the reduced inflammatory processes play a major role.

About Red Light Therapy in the Nutrition Podcast

Listen as health experts Fredrik Paulún and Martin Brunnberg discuss red light therapy in Näringspodden.

Red light therapy for increased cognition

Research shows that the brain is affected by red light therapy, and both mood and cognition can be improved in many individuals.

Red light therapy and autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases, i.e. diseases where the body attacks itself, are a scourge for those affected. Depending on which part of the body is affected, the symptoms will be different.

Redljusterpi and anxiety

To be human is to have anxiety sometimes. Even the happiest people imaginable struggle with things and demons. It's simply how evolution kept our ancestors on their toes and prepared them for both.

Red light therapy and weight loss

It's a bit unclear why body composition improves with red light therapy (RLT), but there are a few theories and it's likely due to at least two factors.

Red light therapy and gut health

Many people today suffer from poor intestinal health with an imbalance between "good" and "bad" bacteria, which leads to inflammation and impaired intestinal function.

Red light therapy and stem cells

When you talk about stem cells, we get as close to magic as it gets in biology. Of course, it's only magical in a figurative sense, but surely it inspires faith in the future when you hear that stem cells can become any cells in the body?

The management of psoriasis in a new light

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects, among other things, the skin and joints in the body. "Autoimmune" means that the body's immune system incorrectly attacks various tissues and structures in the body.

RLT and inflammations

Pain is something that can be incredibly disabling, especially if it is chronic. Much also suggests that the longer the pain exists, the trickier it is to treat. Nibbling on painkillers for long periods is rarely a solution either, as the drugs can lower the pain threshold and make it even more difficult to relieve the pain.

RLT and cardiovascular health

Our heart is the symbol of our emotions and physiologically, of course, it has a central role in our bodies. Together with the blood vessels, they supply all the body's cells with nutrition and oxygen, while at the same time, decomposition products and other unwanted substances are transported away.

RLT and blood pressure

Blood pressure is a central part of health. In order to meet the need for oxygenated blood to all the body's organs, the blood pressure in the large arteries must be kept at an even level. Blood pressure regulation takes place through a collaboration of the autonomic nervous system, hormones and local self-regulation in the vessel walls.

RLT and addiction

Perhaps the title surprises you? Can RLT help with addiction problems? Yes, there are many indications of that. We all have relatives, friends or acquaintances who struggle with addiction of some kind, and maybe you yourself are affected.

Can you treat autoimmune diseases with light?

Autoimmune diseases, i.e. diseases where the body attacks itself, are a scourge for those affected. Depending on which part of the body is affected, the symptoms will be different.

Fredrik Paulún about RLT

For decades, I have devoted myself to nutrition, written about exercise and given general health advice about stress and sleep.

Fredrik Paulún on RLT

For decades, I have devoted myself to nutrition, written about exercise and given general health advice about stress and sleep. Over 20 books, I have written and read the most important scientific articles and immersed myself in newly discovered areas such as intestinal flora, epigenetics, etc. and thought I had a pretty good grasp of what to do to feel good and maintain health.

Therefore, it was a bit of a shock for me to realize that, in parallel with what I had learned, there has been intensive research into how light of different wavelengths affects health. In practice, the research lies in the borderland between health and particle physics, so perhaps it is not so strange that in my diet-oriented health industry, this huge area of ​​research has simply been missed. Soon you are up to 10,000 articles on red light therapy (RLT) published since the 1960s, so once I opened the door to this new dimension for me, it was literally like entering a new world. It turned out that light could have strong effects on the body and many of these were actually similar to what healthy eating can have such as reduced inflammation, lower blood sugar, reduced body fat, increased muscle mass and higher energy levels.

"Suddenly the boundaries between particle physics and nutrition weren't so clear anymore..."

Suddenly, the boundaries between particle physics and nutrition weren't so clear anymore, and that was also the reason why I agreed to work with product development at Nutrilight (perhaps you understand how the name came about?). I want to learn more about RLT and help spread the word about this revolutionary technology that can help so many people. It was also the reason why I chose to write a book on the subject. In addition to the effects mentioned, it seems to be able to help against autoimmune diseases, eczema and other skin problems, hair loss, sleep problems, joint pain and pain conditions in general. Also rejuvenating mechanisms such as increase in stem cells, regeneration of nerve cells and increased collagen formation for smaller wrinkles have been reported in science. We are still waiting for the study that shows that RLT will extend the life of those who use it. I don't think we have to wait that long...

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