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Red light therapy during the summer

Many who use red light therapy do so for general health, and to provide the body with the light it needs to function normally.

Many who use red light therapy do so for general health, and to provide the body with the light it needs to function normally. A day in the sun of course eliminates the need for red light therapy for these, but "summer is short" as they say and some of the summer days you can actually benefit from a shorter treatment. Everything to meet the body's need for light and to optimize the cells' function. In addition, there are many reasons to use red light therapy for other reasons even during the summer.

The hard summer training

Many people are putting on their running shoes for the first time in a long time as the holidays start, and maybe it's time to finally drag yourself to the gym to actually take advantage of that membership that still costs money? Maybe it will be a training trip or participation in some longer exercise race that really puts the body to the test? Then it is very valuable to use red light therapy to maximize the supply of energy in the muscles and speed up recovery. To succeed in this, a treatment is required just before the activity and one just after, and why not divide the treatment time so that there is a 10-15 minute treatment before and the same amount after? If you are also unlucky enough to sustain an injury, you can treat it locally and count on a significantly shorter healing time. Should you suffer from severe training pain, you must treat the sore muscles for a long time, and especially with the near-infrared light that penetrates deeply, and the larger the muscle group, the longer they need to be treated, and after, for example, a marathon, it may take up to 30 minute treatment of the exposed muscles. If you take that time, you can count on a much faster course of recovery.

The painful summer

Wasps, bees, mosquitoes, ticks, bumblebees and other small things can cause a lot of discomfort in the summer, and this can be alleviated by red light therapy. The inflammation after a bite decreases, as well as pain and itching. In addition, you get significantly more small wounds from walking barefoot and staying in nature. Bathing is of course a wonderful activity, but surely it is easy to tear yourself up on bathing ladders, mussel shells on the bottom or bathing rocks? Play and activity can also easily lead to sprains, strains and even fractures, and in all these pain conditions, red light therapy helps to both relieve the pain and speed up healing. In addition, red light therapy will be able to help if you misjudged the strength of the sun's UV rays and actually managed to burn yourself. Red light therapy only provides the kind and healing wavelengths and completely lacks the burning UV light. Much suggests that you can also prepare the skin for UV light by using red light therapy regularly some time before you intend to expose yourself to the sun. You simply get a kind of extra "sun protection factor" through red light therapy.

The obvious need

Summer is a time when you are certainly outside more than usual, but despite that, there are many people who have to work indoors during the sunniest time of the summer. This means that you do not have time to get the light the body needs despite the "right" season. Then it is very good to run one session in the morning and one in the evening, maybe 5-10 minutes each time. It also makes it easier to maintain a normal circadian rhythm, even though the bright evenings can disturb sleep in particular. Red light therapy calibrates your circadian clock, which is easily thrown out of phase in the summer. In addition, it is obvious to use red light therapy locally if you have a specific medical need, such as disturbed intestinal flora, infections, skin problems, hair loss, etc. If you are undergoing surgery of any kind, red light therapy is a given treatment regardless of the season because it both relieves pain and speeds up the recovery. Perhaps you are suffering from an illness that red light therapy is proven to help with, and then you shouldn't forgo treatment just because it's summer. As soon as it becomes a cloudy or rainy day, your body needs the light, and autoimmune diseases, cognitive problems or fatigue require the light to keep you feeling your best.

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