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Blackline is a line of red light panels that emit light that is not visible, but has a profound effect.

Blackline Series

All the lights in a Blackline panel emit near-infrared light (NIR) and this is the kind of light that reaches the deepest parts of the body. Therefore, customers who, for example, want to optimize organ function, muscle performance, immune system and brain functions, or achieve pain relief usually choose BlackSeries instead of traditional red light therapy.

The only thing that regular red light therapy does better is work for beauty and wound healing, thanks to its superficial action, but since NIR also reaches those cells on its way into the body, Blackline has a certain effect on that too. If you have to compare with cars, you can describe regular red light therapy as a hybrid that can do a little bit of everything, and Blackline as a purely electric car that is specialized, and in this respect, in working deep into the body.

Fredrik Paulún om Blackline

Det enda som vanlig rödljusterapi gör bättre är att verka för skönhet och sårläkning, tack vare sin ytliga verkan, men eftersom NIR även når de cellerna på sin väg in i kroppen har Blackline en viss effekt även på det. Om man ska jämföra med bilar kan man beskriva vanlig rödljusterapi som en hybrid som kan lite av varje, och Blackline som en renodlad elbil som är specialiserad, och i detta avseende på att verka djupt in i kroppen.

5 benefits of near infrared light

May provide faster recovery

Can strengthen the immune system

Can produce pain-relieving effects

May improve sleep

Can provide physical performance increase

The Black Rhino

The Black Rhino is superior in both size and power and is designed to meet different needs. It is powerful enough to give effect in open public environments, such as in a lobby, hotel lounge or waiting room, while being perfect for the home environment for those who want to get the full effect of NIR treatment.

The Wolf

The Wolf is an impressive mid-sized, tabletop panel that sets a new standard for near-infrared (NIR) light therapy. Optimized to deliver four different wavelengths in the near-infrared spectrum (810nm, 830nm, 850nm and 940nm), this lamp guarantees a full and optimal NIR effect for medium body areas.

The Campfire

The Campfire is the perfect panel to get a half-body treatment at home without taking up too much space. This panel has 1500W near infrared light that provides a complete treatment in only 15min. Treat yourself to well-being already at home.