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How to choose the right beauty product

Optimal Choice for Radiant Skin and Beauty: The Fox or The Lynx?

Red light therapy for radiant skin and beauty has quickly become a popular trend in the beauty industry. We present two leading products – The Lynx and The Fox – which offer flexible and effective skin care. By focusing on their unique features, our comparison will highlight which red light product best suits your needs. We review their visual attributes, functionality, and assign unbiased beauty perspectives. This comparison aims to clearly highlight each device's unique capabilities and how they can be integrated into different beauty routines to optimize your beauty results.

Use and flexibility 

Both The Fox and The Lynx represent ground-breaking innovations in light therapy technology to promote both beauty and health. The Fox is a customizable panel that can be directed to different body areas, including the face and décolletage. The flexible design enables customized treatments using different light wavelengths (red and near infrared light) to promote skin well-being.

The Lynx is an LED silicone mask designed for direct application to the face and décolletage. This offers close contact with the skin for in-depth light treatments that specifically promote skin health and beauty. Thanks to the fact that TheLynx is made of silicone, it makes the mask flexible and perfectly adaptable to the contours of the face. This flexibility enables a precise and focused treatment, aimed at specific areas to provide optimal results for your skin care. With its flexible design, The Lynx molds smoothly to the curves of the face, ensuring that the light treatment reaches each desired area efficiently and evenly. 

Our skin on the décolleté is just as important to take care of as the skin on the face, as it is also exposed to the sun's harmful rays and external stresses. The Fox, with a seat stand, offers an excellent opportunity to direct the light treatment towards the décolleté area, which is particularly beneficial for caring for and protecting this thin and often sun-exposed skin. In addition to the face mask, The Lynx includes a specially designed LED mask for the décolleté area. This function makes it possible to create a complete beauty routine that optimizes skin care for both the face and décolletage.

Different wavelengths and light

The Fox combines scientifically proven red light (660 nm) and near-infrared light (850 nm) to promote skin health and beauty. The red light, with a wavelength of 660 nm, offers benefits such as increased collagen production, improved blood circulation and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to reduce visible wrinkles, improve the skin's nutrient absorption and reduce redness. On the other hand, the near-infrared light with a wavelength of 850 nm reaches deeper into the skin layers and promotes cell repair, cell renewal and the production of elastin for firmer skin structure.

Like The Fox, the red light also has red light, but in addition 5 additional colors that promote beauty based on different needs. 

NIR-free and NIR benefits

The Lynx LED mask, unlike The Fox, we have actively chosen not to include near-infrared (NIR) light due to its potential impact on fat cells. NIR has the potential to stimulate fat cells, which in some cases can affect the skin's elasticity and appearance, especially in anti-aging treatments.

By deliberately refraining from NIR in The Lynx, we have focused on maintaining the balance for the well-being of the skin when the mask is applied directly to the face or décolleté. This decision aims to ensure that the expected positive effects on the appearance of the skin are maintained during use.

However, it is important to point out that the absence of NIR in The Lynx does not mean that NIR lacks its own positive aspects. Both the mask and The Fox panels offer different benefits and light variations that can each be beneficial for different skin care needs. When choosing a product, ease of use is an essential factor to consider to ensure that the product fits your personal beauty care needs and desires.

Treatment time

Continuous use is essential to achieve effective results in red light or light therapy. These treatments can be carried out daily or according to individual needs and tolerance levels. For some, gradual adaptation over time may be required to build tolerance, while others can perform full treatments every day with a stable baseline tolerance. Starting with shorter sessions and gradually increasing the time is recommended to gradually adapt. An optimal daily treatment is usually around 20 minutes daily.

With The Fox, you can either focus the entire treatment time with the light directed forward or divide the time to treat each side of the face separately. If certain areas, such as the cheeks towards the ears, need more treatment, it is advantageous to direct the light towards these areas.

The Lynx provides a uniform treatment over the entire face and adapts to the shape of the face. Here, too, you can adjust the distribution of the treatment time based on different light preferences as needed. For those who wish to treat the face with all wavelengths, The Lynx offers a seventh light that combines all wavelengths in one treatment.

Pulsation and variations of light

Pulsation or frequencies in red light therapy refers to the variation in how the light pulses or flashes at a certain rate. These different pulse rates can affect how the light is delivered to the skin and how it can affect the cells and tissues. The best choice depends on the purpose of the treatment and individual preferences. The Fox delivers pulses at different speeds in a range of medium to fast pulses and with both the red light and near infrared light. Moderate, medium and fast pulses produce different effects:

Moderate pulse: A slower rhythm in the light, promotes relaxation and can reduce stress in the skin.

Medium pulse: Smoother variation in light intensity, improves circulation and supports collagen production for firmer skin.

Fast Pulse: Activates cell activity faster, which can reduce fine lines and improve skin tone.

The Lynx features a unique pulsation function with a varying color spectrum between the lights. This unique function can be likened to a deeper penetration of the properties of each light color into the skin. It enables a more intensive treatment for increased efficiency in skin care routines.

Design and layout

The Fox is a practical table panel with an adjustable stand that enables the direction of the light according to individual needs and wishes. Since the panel is connected to an outlet during treatment, the treatment session takes place in a stationary location. The Lynx is a rechargeable LED mask with USB-C that provides increased flexibility for the user. It can be used more freely while performing other activities. The mask is attached with an adjustable strap around the head to secure it in place, while the control panel can easily be placed in the pocket to free up the hands. This makes The Lynx more portable and useful during mobility, while The Fox provides a treatment best suited to sitting still.

The Lynx and The Fox: The Ultimate Decision for Your Beauty Care

Both The Fox and The Lynx are excellent choices for promoting radiant skin and enhancing beauty aspects. Your choice between the two depends on your specific treatment preferences and desired results. The Fox offers versatile use that spans both the face and décolletage, while TheLynx presents a customized, portable solution with multiple color options to meet individual needs. These products represent the ultimate choice to give your skin the desired treatment and the deserved care for a radiant and enhanced beauty.

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