Does it make sense to use light therapy even in the summer? – Nutrilight Shop

Does it make sense to use light therapy even in the summer?

Yes, there may be a point in using light therapy even in the summer. Generally speaking, it is the dose of red light and near infrared light that is important, how you then get it is secondary. Staying outside for a few hours on a sunny summer day will do the job without a doubt, but many people spend the sunniest hours of the day indoors. In addition, the sun does not shine all summer and there are many days with gray rain-heavy clouds. It also depends on where on earth you live and how much sunlight you get. In addition, we usually cover large parts of the body with clothes, something you can of course influence a lot yourself. All in all, it can be said that most people feel good from using red light therapy even in the summer, although the lamp can be rested on days when the skin has really had a round of sun.

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