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The Lynx

3 999 kr

Lynx LED Mask for Red Light Therapy - Your secret ace up your sleeve for upgraded beauty. Studies show that dermatologically recommended red light therapy has scientifically proven benefits in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. This treatment has also been shown to be effective in reducing redness, acne and breakouts with clinically proven results. With Lynx, you get access to professional skin care directly in your own home, while saving money on visiting salons.

The scientifically proven effects of red light therapy:

Skin rejuvenating
Can reduce acne/rash
Always free delivery
Pay with clear
Satisfied customer guarantee
Use & Manual

Treatment time: approx. 20 min daily or maintenance treatments as needed and desired.

Distance from the lamp: 0 cm

Manual Swe

Manual Eng

Technical specification

LED Type: Red light (630rm), Blue light (470m), Green light (520m), Yellow light (590nm), Purple light, Cyan light and White light

Wavelength: 470nm and 630nm

Number of LEDs: Led beads face: 105, Led beads neck: 114

Power: 5W

Battery capacity: 2000m

AH Weight: 645g mask & control

Target area: Face

Certification: CE FCC ROHS

Areas of use

The Lynx's two separate units, one for the face and one for the décolletage, are equipped with seven different types of light that provide different skin benefits. The variety creates the opportunity to tailor a beauty routine based on unique needs or wishes. Use all lights at once for a superior treatment, or select specific lights to focus on individual beauty goals.

Can reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Can help fight acne and pigmentation

Experience an unparalleled glow and glow that will make you light up every room you enter.

Vilken ska du välja?

The Lynx är för dig som:
- Vill ha en portabel och flexibel användning
- Söker behandling även på dekolletage
- Vill smidigt kunna packa med sig ljusterapin

The Wave är för dig som:
- Vill ta spaupplevelsen hem
- Önskar en kraftfull behandling
- Vill variera mellan ansikte och kropp

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