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The positive properties of the red light

There is a very large amount of research showing that red light therapy is effective for many functions and ailments, see examples below:


Rejuvenated properties

Smoothing effects on the skin

Weight loss

Pain & Healing

Autoimmune diseases


Neuropsychiatric conditions

Pain relief

Positive effect on neurological diseases

Wellbeing & Exercise

Increased energy & well-being

Prevent injuries

Increased muscle mass

Increased weight loss and Reduce training injuries

How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy can give your health a boost in a number of different areas. The combination of red light and near-infrared light affects the body in a very potent way, as the red light reaches a small distance into the skin, while the near-infrared light can reach the body deeply. The light affects so-called photoacceptors inside the body's cells. This leads to a series of beneficial health effects.

Nutrilight's LED lights have an effect that is perfectly tuned to give the most and best effects on health without the risk of damage or other negative effects. Experience the effect of red light therapy for your health with our red light lamps.

High-tech & safe

Convenient timer

You simply set how long you wish to be treated. You can then close your eyes, relax and enjoy your treatment to the fullest, without keeping track of the treatment time.

The light

Nutrilight's panels emit red, and near-infrared light with wavelengths strongly supported by science as the most effective. The light contains no dangerous UV rays, and thus cannot cause any sun damage.


Watt is the designation for the power in the lamp. In our panels, each diode has 5W power. The total effect is thus a result of more lenses. The higher the Watt (power), the shorter the time you need to be treated.

Led light

All Nutrilight panels and products have safe LED lights without dangerous radiation.


All Nutrilight panels and products have safe LED lights without dangerous radiation.

CE marking

All Nutrilight products are CE-marked and comply with European standards.

Why our customers love red light therapy

See what people think about us, all our reviews are taken from trustpilot!

"After four days, my psoriasis on one elbow had basically disappeared. My energy level is significantly elevated!”

- Wool

"Fantastic product, worth every penny! I am so happy with my lamp and have been using it every day since I got it home. <3"

- Jenny

"Had super fine results mainly on the face/skin. A good product that creates more flavor every time it is used.”

- Zandie

"Fantastic lamp that makes me energetic and gives me more energy now after my knee operation. It gives me pain relief when I have pain in my knee and my skin has become finer and smoother."

- Charlotte

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