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Red light therapy gives an explosion of feel-good feelings

Partly because of the fact that it provides energy and nutrition straight into the system, but also because of the knowledge that I have shown myself care - Sofia Ståhl

For me, health and well-being is about strengthening the relationship with oneself

To take care of oneself with a caring starting point. I believe in having an ongoing dialogue with yourself and your needs - and thus finding routines and tools you enjoy and want to repeat over time.

Holistic thinking and sustainability are two important keys. That's why I'm completely blissed out when I find tools that provide both powerful nourishment, create a natural space for reflection and an opportunity to just exist - that's exactly what red light therapy is - and provides - for me! The most important thing: it gives so much and at the same time is so simple that I want to do it day after day all year round.

Benefits of red light therapy

We value the best quality in our products and have handpicked both suppliers and production companies from different parts of Asia and Europe. We ensure that our entire company is managed in quality and guarantee the customer a collaboration with a premium brand.


- Skin rejuvenating

- Increased collagen production

- Counteracts Rosea and Acne


- Increased Energy

- Improved Sleep

- Increased Mental Focus


- Pain relief

- Accelerates Healing

- Alleviates Damage

The Red Panda

My moment in front of Red panda has become a natural part of everyday life. That quarter replenishes energy levels and provides space for reflection. Since I started using the lamp daily, I notice that it gives me a deeper sleep, a completely new glow on my face (!) and I feel less tired.

I sit down by the lamp as an end to the day. Sometimes in silence, sometimes with a guided meditation and sometimes with some funny radio program. After a long period of emotional challenges that drain the energy, the moment in front of the lamp becomes rewarding. Both physically, mentally and emotionally because it also involves an active choice filled with consideration.

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