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Red light therapy for your beloved pet

Red light therapy is used by millions of people today to improve health, increase quality of life and alleviate illnesses. It can be described as a "dietary supplement" of sunlight, as it produces red light and near-infrared light, just like the sun.

Red light therapy is used by millions of people today to improve health, increase quality of life and alleviate illnesses. It can be described as a "dietary supplement" of sunlight, as it produces red light and near-infrared light, just like the sun. They are the recognized healing wavelengths attributed to most of the sun's health effects. More and more pet owners have started to use it as a pioneering method in animal care, specially adapted for a wide range of pets such as cats, dogs, reptiles, rabbits and other rodents. This innovative therapy, which uses specific wavelengths of red light, offers significant health benefits regardless of animal species. These include pain relief, accelerated healing, improved energy levels, strengthened immune systems, and an improved quality of life and longevity. An interesting observation from many pet owners is that their pets spontaneously come and lie down in front of the lit red light when the master or mother uses it. Many animals are drawn to light, just as they are drawn to the energizing sun, and getting a moment of red light therapy together with their owner can be something of a highlight of the day for the animal.

Pain relief, healing and energy

Whether it's a dog with arthritis, a rabbit with an injury, or a reptile that needs to promote cell growth, red light therapy offers an effective solution. This therapy reduces inflammation and pain, which is critical for animals suffering from chronic conditions or recovering from injuries.

Red light therapy is especially beneficial for increasing energy levels in older pets or those suffering from low energy. This applies from playful cats and dogs to less active rodents and reptiles, all of which can benefit from increased cellular activity and vitality. Many who own animals that compete, whether it's rabbit jumping, horse eventing or dog agility, can notice that the animals become more alert, recover faster and perform better with red light therapy. Note that you need to consult a vet before treating more severe injuries such as suspected fractures, infections etc, so these may need to be stabilized and addressed. Even if you think that the animal has a more serious illness such as cancer, you should contact a veterinarian in the first instance.

Immune defense, quality of life and longevity

The ability of red light therapy to improve the immune system is universal and benefits a variety of pets. A stronger immune system is essential to fight disease and keep animals healthy, regardless of the species they belong to. Research on humans has shown that a large exposure to sunlight provides protection against serious diseases and leads to longer life expectancy. All indications are that the same applies to mammals that are naturally exposed to sunlight. It contributes to increased energy production in their mitochondria, increases circulation via more nitric oxide in the blood, stronger immune defense as the production of macrophages is optimized and finally stimulation of stem cell production in the animal.

Since stem cells can become virtually any cell, it has a regenerative effect on health and can be described as rejuvenating. By providing pain relief, faster healing, increased energy and a strengthened immune system, red light therapy can significantly contribute to a better quality of life and longer lifespan for all types of pets. Pet owners can therefore expect to see a noticeable difference in their pets' general well-being and activity level, and often improve their own health as well, as the same panels can be used on both animals and humans.

"The Kattjouren foundation pays for veterinary care for homeless animals, mainly cats but also dogs and other animals. To help animals feel as good as possible, we also support them so that they can receive different treatments in everyday life for, for example, pain. We are happy about the collaboration with Nutrilight, which gives us the opportunity to help cats have a better life. Cats that have undergone surgery (fractures) have seemed to benefit from it, with a faster than expected recovery and animals with osteoarthritis have become more alert and mobile. The machines are easy to use and treat a large area.”

Shalini Persson
Founder, Stiftelsen Kattjouren

Here is a quote from Kelly the cat's family:

“Kelly suddenly developed severe itching. She scratched until her skin became sore. Cortisone treatment did not make a big difference, but the problems got worse over time. When she started taking nutritional supplements together with the light machine Robin from Nutrilight, the wounds finally healed. It made a big difference to her!”


Just like for humans, it is beneficial to use red light therapy daily when you cannot get the natural sunlight. Then you can see light as a "nutrient" that mammals need for optimal health, and then it is fine to treat any part of the animal, but not directly into the eyes as the light can be perceived as strong even if it is not harmful. In general, it is good to highlight the part of the body that has the least fur, for example the belly of a dog, and preferably the lightest parts of the fur if the animal has a multi-colored covering. Dark fur contains melanin, which is the same molecule that forms when we get sunburned, and it can absorb light of all wavelengths.

It is also possible to use the lamp locally for pain and for healing, e.g. for wear and tear injuries, injuries caused by trauma or after surgical procedures. The investment in a red light panel can be seen as a step towards a happier and healthier companion, regardless of animal species. Since a small animal can have a nice effect even with a small lamp, it often does not require large investments to get started with red light therapy. If you have a larger animal, a small lamp can also be compensated by a longer treatment time. All lamps except Robin can also be used with only near-infrared light, which is invisible to humans but gives a nice profound effect as it can in principle reach all cells in animals weighing up to 30 kg. If the animal seems to perceive the visible red light and becomes stressed, you can choose to treat only with near-infrared light, which is also the most pain-relieving.

The following is a general recommendation for how the lamps can be used:

The Robin for animals up to 10 kg, 10 minutes daily or as needed, e.g. pain relief.

The Fox for animals 10-30 kg, 10 minutes daily or as needed, e.g. pain relief.

Red Deer for animals 30-50 kg, 10 minutes daily or as needed, e.g. pain relief.

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