How do I know if red light therapy is working? What should I feel for? – Nutrilight Shop

How do I know if red light therapy is working? What should I feel for?

If you have something you want to treat, such as pain or skin problems, the effect of red light therapy is usually quite obvious. In order to really measure the results of the light therapy, you can take pictures of the skin problems at least once a week during the treatment period, and then compare the different occasions. Pain can also be measured by estimating how severe it is from 1-10, where 10 is the worst and 1 is no pain. Make notes before and after each treatment session so that you get black and white. Memory often fails when it comes to pain sensations in particular. If you use the red light panel for performance enhancement, it is also interesting to keep a record of the results, but of course it can be difficult to distinguish the effect from the lights and other influences, such as diet, rest and training intensity. Otherwise, most people who use the lamp usually feel a sense of well-being that is obvious, but difficult to put measurement values ​​on.

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