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The Wave - Discover the Future of Beauty

Discover the ultimate beauty experience with The Wave – an advanced treatment solution that combines high-quality design and ease of use for an exclusive salon experience in your own home.

Five benefits of The Wave

May promote luster

Can counteract acne

Can reduce skin pigmentation

May increase collagen production

Can soothe the skin

Key features

Six unique wavelengths

Perfectly adapted to meet all your beauty needs

Adjustable temperature

Guarantee for a pleasant and relaxing experience

Timer setting

Makes it easy to tailor the treatment to your own convenience

Revolutionary skin care

Shaped like an elegant arch, The Wave offers a relaxing opportunity for reclining treatments and represents a sophisticated union of technology and luxury. The Wave is created using advanced technology with 6 unique wavelengths, each with its specific characteristic. With its adjustable features and intuitive control panel, you can easily customize each session to your unique needs and beauty desires.

Vilken ska du välja?

The Lynx är för dig som:
- Vill ha en portabel och flexibel användning
- Söker behandling även på dekolletage
- Vill smidigt kunna packa med sig ljusterapin

The Wave är för dig som:
- Vill ta spaupplevelsen hem
- Önskar en kraftfull behandling
- Vill variera mellan ansikte och kropp

Red light technology for Beauty

Red light technology is an advanced treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin and stimulate natural biological processes. This technique has become increasingly popular in the beauty industry thanks to its scientifically proven benefits for skin health and rejuvenation. When the light is absorbed by the cells of the skin, especially the mitochondria, the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the cells' main source of energy, is stimulated. This increases the production of collagen and elastin, and tightens the skin, resulting in rejuvenated, renewed, smooth and hydrated skin.

Nutrilight is a Swedish company founded since 2022

We value the best quality in our products and have handpicked both suppliers and production companies from different parts of Asia and Europe. We ensure that our entire company is managed in quality and guarantee the customer a collaboration with a premium brand.


Views on social media


Views on social media


Increased search for red light therapy since launch

Why our customers love red light therapy

See what people think about us, all our reviews are taken from trustpilot!

"After four days, my psoriasis on one elbow had basically disappeared. My energy level is significantly elevated!”

- Wool

"Fantastic product, worth every penny! I'm so happy with my lamp and have been using it every day since I got it home. <3"

- Jenny

"Had super fine results mainly on the face/skin. A good product that creates more flavor every time it is used.”

- Zandie

"Fantastic lamp that makes me energetic and gives me more energy now after my knee operation. It gives me pain relief when I have pain in my knee and my skin has become finer and smoother."

- Charlotte

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