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Spas, Hotels, Health Facilities & Beauty Salons

Explore our extensive range of the market's most sought-after red light bulbs, tailored for spas, hotels, wellness facilities and beauty salons.

The market's most requested red light bulbs

Explore our extensive range of the market's most sought-after red light bulbs, perfectly adapted to optimize the working environment and increase productivity. Our products are known for their scientific health benefits and innovative technologies, which offer not only quality but also an opportunity to create a healthy and pleasant workplace. Discover why companies all over Sweden choose Nutrilight to create a balanced and productive work environment where well-being and success go hand in hand. Optimizing your workplace starts here with Nutrilight!

Nutrilight is a Swedish company founded since 2022

We value the best quality in our products and have handpicked both suppliers and production companies from different parts of Asia and Europe. We ensure that our entire company is managed in quality and guarantee the customer a collaboration with a premium brand.


Views on social media


Views on social media


Increased search for red light therapy since launch

Why our customers love red light therapy

See what people think about us, all our reviews are taken from trustpilot!

"After four days, my psoriasis on one elbow had basically disappeared. My energy level is significantly elevated!”

- Wool

"Fantastic product, worth every penny! I am so happy with my lamp and have been using it every day since I got it home. <3"

- Jenny

"Had super fine results mainly on the face/skin. A good product that creates more flavor every time it is used.”

- Zandie

"Fantastic lamp that makes me energetic and gives me more energy now after my knee operation. It gives me pain relief when I have pain in my knee and my skin has become finer and smoother."

- Charlotte

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