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Travel kit - Health

Holidays are not a reason to skip your health. Never miss another red light treatment with our travel kit! These flexible and light products are easy to take with you in your bag around the world!

The Robin

This smaller red light bulb is light and easy to take with you. The little extra with this lamp is that it combines red and near-infrared light for skin and cell health in a rechargeable (!) red light lamp. Perfect for a smooth spot treatment, this is an obvious choice to have in your suitcase!

The light revolution

Let the summer reading be marked by the inspiration from the beneficial rays of light! Sink into the sun lounger and discover the effect the light can have on your health. "The Light Revolution" takes you on a fascinating journey through the science and magic behind light's impact on our lives.

Learn how the right amount and type of light can improve your sleep, strengthen your immune system and lift your mood. Discover the latest research findings on light therapy and get practical advice on how to integrate more natural light into your everyday life.

Let the "Light Revolution" inspire you to embrace the power of light and experience its positive effects on your health and well-being.

The Cherry

Top off your smile with The Cherry mouth panel! Let the red and blue light guide your mouth to better health by promoting healthy gums and reducing the occurrence of any inflammation. Use the red or blue light alone or combine the lights for the ultimate treatment. Small, flexible and rechargeable means that it can easily accompany the beach bag and be useful in the sun lounger!